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Choose from a wide array of pieces

(prices range from $2 - $100, but average is $25).

With acrylic paints you are able to take home

your creation the same day!

The more traditional route is to paint with glaze,

which is fired in our kiln to transform into ceramic.

Glazed pieces are ready the following week, you will receive a reminder card at check out.


Choose from a selection of projects

(Prices range from $10 - $78).

Cut and layer glass to create your design.

We fire your project once to fuse the glass,

and a second time if chose to have it shaped.

Glass is ready the following week,

you will receive a reminder card at check out.


Enjoy one of our hand crafted espresso drinks or try some of our delicious milkshakes. We have everything from mochas to lemonade, plus ice cream and snacks! Stop by on your way to work or order something while you create. Also serving local alcoholic drinks so you can paint & sip anytime!

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